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Speech Pathology Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialist

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Type: Part Time

Min. Experience: Experienced

This is your opportunity to train as a Speech Pathology Instrumentation Specialist providing mobile endoscopy (FEES ) in a variety of settings. Traveling within a few hours of your home-based office, DMS provides state of the art comprehensive diagnostics to those patients suffering from Dysphagia. All training and equipment necessary to perform endoscopic swallowing studies provided to the right candidate! Full and Part Time positions available! Visit our website at www.dysphagiamgmtsys.com to view a recruiting video and then contact us to begin this exciting journey!


A Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology, completion of Certificate of Clinical Competancy plus 2yrs experience in long term care required after completion of CFY prior to application.

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Tell us a little bit about any previous experience you have working in the Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and/or Home-health in the aged community settings.*
As a Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialist, there will be days when you will be required to drive a couple hours to see a patient. In the current scenario, imagine that you have a full day of patients scheduled at a facility you have driven to (a couple hours away from your house), and patients scheduled at the next facility you plan to go to while on you are on your way home. While at the facility, you find out that there is an emergency patient situation that requires your expertise. You have completed all the patients' procedures at this facility, but still need to get to the next facility and then drive home. What would you do in this situation?*
Imagine that you have been hired by DMS as a Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialist. As a vital part of the DMS team, you become acquainted with the other Specialists working for DMS in your state/region. As happens on occasion, one of the other DMS Specialists in your state/region has suddenly taken ill and cannot continue to cover the patients he/she had scheduled. Your schedule is light this week and you have room to add additional patients to the schedule, but you realize that this will require some extra driving to cover these patients and/or some possible over night travel. These patients currently scheduled are in need of your expertise and may or may not be at risk for a choking and/or respiratory hazard in the immediate future. What would you do in this situation?*
Pretend just for a moment that you are full-fledged member of the DMS team, and have been working as a Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialist for more than 1 year. At this point, you have become very familiar with the company's processes and are confident in your skills as a specialist. You have your state/region/area that you cover frequently, and have established a relationship with the facilities you cover. Then, at one of your facilities, there is a change in management. Now, there are new individuals that are a part of that facility's administrative team who are not as familiar with DMS as their predecessors. It is now, upon you, to educate these new individuals as to the benefits of Dysphagia Instrumentation, familiarize them with our company's policies and procedures as well as establish a new relationship with this facility's administration. How comfortable are you in these types of situations and what would your approach be (no specifics needed) in order to re-establish a relationship with this facility?*
The equipment used to perform Fiberoptic Endoscopy is delicate and expensive. As a Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialist, it is your responsibility to ensure the proper handling of this equipment, and during your training you were provided with the information necessary to properly operate/handle and care for the equipment. For example, the endoscope itself is filled with fiberoptic parts that need to be handled with relative care and cannot be bent/broken without considerable expense in its replacement. The camera attachment to the endoscope also contains sensitive fiberoptic parts, and the laptop computer equipment provided by DMS in order to capture the video/picture during the procedure requires a responsible hand to ensure its continued adequate function. How comfortable are you with handling/operating this kind of technology and do you feel you are the type of person who can shoulder the responsibility of caring for delicate/sensitive equipment? What strengths and weaknesses can you identify in yourself with respect to this kind of situation, and what do you think might be necessary in order to help you become confident in this type of scenario?*
Scheduling patients for our Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialists is coordinated out of the main office in Sarasota, Fl, across all of the states we operate in. This central coordinating scheduling process ensures efficiency and accuracy of the schedule as well as maintaining effective communication within the DMS team. In order to be a functional part of this communication tree, it is important that our Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialists have a comfortable relationship with using all current available technology, including but not limited to laptop computers, Windows/Mac operating systems, Microsoft Office programs, smartphones, email, internet, etc. The utilization of today's cutting edge technology is a requirement for this job position, so we ask that you tell us about how comfortable you feel with your capacity to utilize this technology. Are there any issues you can foresee regarding use of this technology? Have you used this kind of technology in your previous jobs? What limitations do you imagine you might have regarding use of this technology? What skills do you feel you possess that would be optimal in this situation?*
In order for you, as a prospective Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialist, to become trained in endoscopy, there is a set of pre-Externship material that will be accessed via the internet and then a 14 consecutive day Externship training requirement conducted in Sarasota, FL. To complete the 14 consecutive day Externship training period, you will be required to make travel arrangements to come to FL. While in Sarasota, FL, your lodging will be provided in a comfortable condo-based setting right there at our main Sarasota, FL office. During this time, you will be trained in the techniques of endoscopy, you will receive direct mentorship from our FL trainers and you will have on site training experience in the field, in the Western, Southern and Central FL area. This Externship training period requires that you remain in Sarasota, FL for the entire 14 consecutive day period. Do you have situational issues that might prevent you from coming to this FL Externship? Do you have the type of support, at home, that you need in order to cover any childcare, financial or home-based issues involved in being away from your home for 14 consecutive days? Are there any issues we should know about regarding your ability to travel to the Sarasota, FL site, such as a fear of flying or a lack of access to a car to get you to Sarasota, FL? If you are currently unemployed or will be unemployed in the near future and there is a gap in financial support during this application process, will that prevent you from making travel arrangements to the Sarasota, FL site?*
Imagine that you are a Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialist and you have been working in the field for sometime now. You have been trained in our company's policy and procedures, and are aware that all of our services are conducted at what's called "The Point of Service." This means that all information regarding the procedure conducted that day has been left at the building, and all of the information needed to keep a patient safe is in the hands of the facility prior to your departure from that building. In order to accomplish this Point of Service (POS) policy, our Dysphagia Instrumentation Specialists have a laptop and a cell phone capable of establishing a cellular-based WiFi connection. We do this so that our specialists can provide the facility with the patient's diagnostic report, right then and there; this POS allows the facility to then take our recommendations and implement them ASAP, providing the patient with the greatest/safest possible outcome. In this scenario, let's pretend that you are having difficulty with connecting to the facility's WiFi in the building. This connection issue is interrupting your ability to provide the SLP/facility with the patient's report at POS. Knowing the other tools you have available (those described here), how would you handle this situation? Where might you go or what might you do in order to ensure that you comply with DMS's POS policy?*
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